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Robbi Ryan 2014Robbi Ryan has been a genealogist and story-collector nearly all her life, thanks to her two Grandmothers sharing family stories and igniting her interest when she was a pre-teen. She worked part-time as a genealogy hobbyist while striving to gain the education, skills, and experience to become a professional. Her favorite part of genealogy has always been the stories associated with the people.

A professional genealogist since 2008, when she began accepting clients and sub-contracts for small-to-medium projects, she retired from “corporate America” in 2012 and began her full-time “retirement career” as a personal historian and genealogist.

Since 2011 Robbi she has focused on capturing the stories of clients and their family members while they’re still able to supply the richness of detail and explanation so often unavailable through traditional genealogical research.
In 2014 she added a training arm to her business to help others understand the importance of saving their stories, and to help them get started capturing their own. Presentations now offered include both 60- and 90-minute introductory classes on writing your own autobiography, and an introduction to personal history writing for genealogists. She also offers an 8-week Guided Autobiography class to small groups, exploring the themes important in their lives through weekly independent writing assignments and group sharing activities.

Robbi speaks regularly to social, church and civic organizations on the importance of saving the stories of their lives. One of her favorite quotes is “Everyone has a story to tell. Have you told yours?”

In the genealogy arena, available presentations include an introduction to genealogy; organizing your genealogy — both paper and electronic; and Homestead Records – A Potential Goldmine of Information. Robbi presents as availability permits to local and regional genealogy and historical groups.

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