Robbi (Ryan) Lowe

Robbi Ryan 2014

“Everyone has a story to tell. Have you
told yours?”

–  Robbi (Ryan) Lowe


A professional genealogist since 2008, Robbi has spent the last five years as both a personal historian and genealogist. Her work in personal history allows her to capture the stories of clients and their family members while they’re still able to provide the richness of detail and explanation so often unavailable through genealogical research. She preserves the stories in heirloom books for family, friends, and future descendants. Robbi serves as a board member for several genealogy, personal history, and writing organizations. She speaks regularly to social, church, and civic organizations on the importance of saving the stories of their lives for future generations.

PERSONAL HISTORIAN:  Since 2011 she has focused her attention on Personal History and Memoir, assisting clients in saving their memories and stories in their own words while they’re still able to provide the richness of detail and explanation so often unavailable through genealogical research. Their treasured stories and memories are transformed into beautiful memoir books in limited quantities for family and friends and not for commercial sale. She was a member of the now-disbanded Association of Personal Historians and a charter member of its Nebraska Chapter.

PUBLISHER and AUTHOR:  Robbi has published multiple private memoirs for clients, their families, and friends. In 2016 the business expanded into publishing for clients desiring a wider distribution, producing both a novel and a compilation of sermons, in both digital and print format, for commercial sale. She is a member of the Independent Book Publishers of America (IBPA).

As an author, she has compiled several workbooks on personal history including “My 50 Favorite Life Story Questions”. A five-volume Personal History Workbook series is in progress: (1) Who Am I?, (2) The People Who Shaped Me, (3) My Favorite Memories, (4) Life in the Real World, and (5) My Reflections and My Legacy.

GENEALOGIST:  Robbi has over fifteen years of experience as a researcher and volunteer. She researches throughout Nebraska and the Midwest, focusing on 19th & 20th Century research, Migration, and Probate research. She is an active member of local, regional, and national organizations including the Lincoln Lancaster County Genealogical Society, The Nebraska State Genealogical Society, and the Great Plains Chapter of APG.

PHOTO ORGANIZATION AND CURATION:  Robbi offers photo services including organization, digitization, printing and publication of your most treasured photos, either stand-alone or with your memoir or genealogical work. She is a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO)

TRAINER AND PUBLIC SPEAKER:  Robbi speaks and conducts workshops to help others understand the importance of saving their stories, and to help them get started preserving those memories. Classes now offered include:

  • “Writing Personal Histories”
  • 8-week “Guided Autobiography” class
  • 90-minute “Introduction to Guided Autobiography”
  • “Genealogy and Personal History – Two Sides of the Same Coin”
  • “An Introduction to Genealogy for Students and Young Adults”

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