Services Agreement for Personal History

You (“you” or the “Client”) are engaging us (“Relative Connections” or we) as independent contractors to create a personal history, memoir, or business history and related services) ”the Services”.

SERVICES: The scope of your project will be determined based on our first consultation. Once the scope is determined, we will provide an initial estimate of the cost.

A typical Relative Connections Personal History project will include the following services:

Preparation and Interviews:

  • Pre-interview preparation and consultation with Client and/or Narrator to determine the scope of the Project
  • Research
  • Question preparation
  • Up to 10 hours of recorded interviews with the narrator. The Client and/or Narrator may choose to include interviews with others as a part of the interviews. Larger projects may need more than 10 hours of recorded interviews.

Transcription and Editing:

  • Transcribing of the audio recordings
  • Editing, organizing the text into a cohesive narrative, re-writing where necessary.

Delivery of First Draft of Manuscript

  • Adding chapter or section headings, headers and footers, scanning relevant photos and/or documents, adding captions, and/or graphics into the manuscript.
  • Design and layout of the manuscript into a printable book format, based on previous discussions of scope.
  • Design of the book cover and front matter pages including title page, copyright information, dedication page, acknowledgements,
  • Revisions to the first draft that exceed 2 hours of our time will be charged at the previously agreed-upon hourly rate as outlined in the Change Management and Variations section below.

Delivery of final manuscript.

FEE FOR SERVICES: Client shall pay Relative Connections at the agreed-upon hourly rate. The estimated total fee will be the sum of agreed-upon hours multiplied by the agreed-upon rate.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Client shall pay Relative Connections a deposit of twenty-five percent (25 %) of the estimated total fee when the agreement is signed.

Second Payment: Second payment (25 % of the total final estimated fee) is due upon completion of the interviews.

Third Payment: Third payment (25 % of the total final estimated fee) is due upon delivery of the first draft of manuscript.

Fourth Payment: Fourth and last payment is due upon delivery of final draft approved by Client. The amount of final payment will be adjusted to account for actual hours worked by Relative Connections and any suppliers sub-contracted during the project..

Additional payment provisions:  Relative Connections reserves the right to charge interest on amounts more than 10 days past due at a rate of 2 % per month, or, if lower, the highest rate allowed by applicable law.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT AND VARIATIONS: Relative Connections agrees to keep the Client informed on progress of their Project.  Relative Connections agrees not to incur any extra costs for your Project without your verbal permission. Changes will be confirmed in an email to assure there is no misunderstanding.

Relative Connections is willing to travel to accommodate further interviews, editing, writing or research; expenses incurred will be paid by the Client immediately upon receipt of the travel invoice. A travel invoice will be outside the four payment terms of outlined above..

QUALITY: The Client acknowledges that the manuscript will be a first-person narrative based on the interviews transcribed, unless explicitly changed at the beginning of the project. We will make every effort to make sure that facts are correct but cannot be held responsible for factual errors. You, the Client, or the narrator if applicable, agree to make sure, to the best of your knowledge, that the facts are correct upon first and second readings, before final draft is delivered.

RIGHTS: Relative Connections acknowledges that your Project is a “work for hire” created within the scope of our employment as an independent contractor, and that the Narrator is to be considered the “author” for the purpose of copyrighting the Project.  The Project created by this Agreement is intended for the private use of Client and his or her friends and family only. Notwithstanding this fee-for-hire arrangement, if the Project is published and sold commercially, either in print, film or electronic media, Relative Connections shall be entitled to, and Client agrees to pay, 5% of any royalties that the Client receives, 5% of any advance on royalties, and 5% of any and all revenues resulting from any secondary or subsidiary rights granted in the Project.

You specifically agree to protect, indemnify and hold Relative Connections harmless from and against any loss, damage, liability or expense, including attorney’s fees, due to any damage to person or property caused or alleged to have been caused by the Client or Narrator in connection with the operation of this agreement.

Relative Connections reserves the right to display the Project for promotion and advertising purposes as part of the company  portfolio.

CANCELLATION: This agreement may be cancelled by either party with two weeks written notice. Relative Connections shall be paid for all work completed up to receipt and acknowledgement of cancellation notice.

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