Client Agreement for Genealogy Research


Service provided includes a review of all information provided by the client, development of a work plan to meet the client request, research based on the work plan, analysis and interpretation of the research results, and preparation of a written report of the findings, including negative findings. The written report will also contain recommendations for future research. Copies of transcriptions or abstracts of documents will be included.

Fees for research services are $45.00 per hour, with a 5-hour retainer ($225.00). Time is billed for review and planning, research, analysis and interpretation, and reports. Time is divided among these four functions in about equal portions. Research time also includes travel, telephone and email consultations with client. Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are also included in the research time.

The client will be charged for the cost of microfilm rental, copies, photographs, postage, and travel outside of the Lincoln, NE metropolitan area at the authorized IRS rate, based on actual odometer reading or MapQuest mileage, whichever is least.

Checks, money orders, or PayPal payments to Relative Connections are acceptable. Clients will be provided a detailed invoice of research time consumed and expenses incurred. Large multi-month projects will be billed monthly for expenses incurred during the previous month.

On projects less than 50 hours, the final report will be mailed or delivered to the client, in a timely fashion, usually not more than eight (8) weeks from the time of receipt of the deposit by the researcher. Completion timelines for large projects will be scheduled on a mutually agreed-upon completion timeline.

Robbi Lowe, dba Relative Connections Genealogy Research Service, retains copyright of the client report. Client may make limited personal copies, but may not, in any way, publish any part of the report without written permission of Relative Connections Genealogy Service.

Client gives Relative Connections Genealogy Services permission to use reports and documents found in the course of this commission for purposes of certification, in scholarly articles, and for educational instruction.


To avoid duplication of earlier research efforts, the client shall provide all pertinent information on the subject to be researched. Please include Family Group Sheets, Pedigree Charts, a list of all sources previously searched, and any other documents and materials applicable to the research being requested.

Enclosed is a check, money order, or receipt for funds transfer from PayPal for $_____, (minimum of $200.00 – 5 hours) as a retainer. I hereby engage the research services of Robbi Ryan, dba Relative Connections Genealogy Research Service, and authorize her to conduct research on my behalf, for an amount not to exceed $_____ (hourly fee plus expenses), per my instructions in the Research Request Details section.


Please provide the following information, either on this form or on attached sheet(s):

NAME / NAMES to be researched (in order of priority):






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