Relative Connections

Relative Connections is a personal history and publishing company based in Nebraska. Our keynote service is to create your personal memoir.

  • Beginning with one-on-one interviews, we capture the stories of clients and their family members, saving stories with  the full richness of detail that will otherwise disappear.
  • We work with skilled associates to transform the stories and photos into professionally designed books for you to share with family members and future generations.
  • A wide variety of printing and binding options are available. We can print one copy of your book or many copies to suit your needs.
  • We offer customized genealogical research to help you discover more information about your ancestors’ lives.

Contact us today for your free one-hour consultation to preserve your family’s history!

Other services include:

  • Publishing your “near-complete” genealogy, memoir, personal history, or other project. Let us help you finish the “last lap” of your project and print your work so it can be shared with family and friends or with the public.
  • Records research and retrieval from a Nebraska or Western Iowa  courthouse or archive, saving you travel expenses.
  • On-site research or sub-contract work throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa.
  • We offer photo curation services including organization, digitization, printing and publication of your most treasured photos, either stand-alone or with your memoir or genealogical work.

Contact us to discuss other needs you may have to enhance your family history projects. 

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